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What Was Next


I wanted to learn about surrender
so life gave me some challenges
to see if I was serious.
And these weren’t the sorts of challenges
where effort, reason, persistence and a plan
would bear fruit,
no, these were challenges that showed me
that I have absolutely no control
over anything at all
except for the way I relate to my experience.
Was I going to fight to hold on
to old constructs, to stay in the same place,
to be seduced by familiarity,
even though it was hurting me?
Or could I let everything go,
and watch my empty hands
open and ready to receive
what was next?

Leave the Rest


In the blink of an eye
it all changes.
What you thought
was sad or unfortunate
becomes a blessing somehow.
The storm passes
and with it the anger,
the clouds part
and the sun shines
in your mind once again.
If it all changes so quickly
why take any of it seriously?
Behind the facade of
significance we assign
to each little detail
there is a whole big picture
we cannot see.
Why not trust
that we are where we need to be,
doing what we need to do…
and leave the rest to the force
that keeps the planets in orbit?

Surrender to the Flow


And what if
after all of these efforts we have made
we discovered
that all along
this whole Universe
was completely worthy of our trust?
What if we knew without a doubt
that everything really does show up
at the right time?
What if we had the direct experience
of all things happening for a reason?
And what would this moment look like
if we could trust Life completely
and surrender to the flow
of all that is?

My Poem for Tonight


You know life is good when…
The worst problem you have all day

is your laptop failing to find

the closest wifi network

necessitating your typing 

your blog post

on your iPhone.

After spending more than an hour

And feeling more than a little frustrated

I’ve decided to give up the fight.

Here, typed on my phone,

Is my poem for tonight.

Letting Go


What does it mean to let go?
It means setting down
goals and agendas
and opening to this moment.
How do we do this?
First we recognize
that we have been attempting
to further our own interests,
gritting our teeth,
pushing against reality,
trying so hard to make things happen
according to our idea of how they should be,
holding onto expectations
until we are white knuckled and exhausted.
Then we choose to stop
this stressful way of being.
We take a deep breath and let go.
Some might say that letting go
is giving up,
but I say it’s an opening to peace.
With such clarity
we intuitively know what is to be done.
This kind of surrender
makes available our most precious resources.
If you find yourself stressed
and anxious about something,
ask yourself where you are at war with reality,
and if you’re ready for it
choose peace instead.
Choose to let go.

Healing Sight


Healing comes quickly,
if we let it.
Opening to this moment,
surrendering to the flow of life,
I become amused
finally seeing
how my ideas of right and wrong
cloud my experience of what is.
Without my story,
here I am, a being,
being breathed by life,
just here, just now.
The hurts of the past
when I let go of my story.
Healing isn’t so much
an acquisition of the proper medicine
or the right protocol…
Sometimes it’s finding a simple stillness,
looking within and seeing
that what I once thought were problems
aren’t really problems after all.